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Polaroid PIC 300 Instant Film - 20 Prints (2, 10-Print Packs)

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The app also lets users select the photos that they want printed, and then select the type of print styles that they feel looks the best, which will come with an original barcode, a thick laminated front and that classic glossy type finish that Polaroid cameras normally give out. Now when you order from Polaroid Print Shop, they’ll give you a box that includes a pack of stickers, canvases, magnets and an accordion-fold print book for all of your pictures, so that you can easily decorate them, hang them up or simply keep them in the foldable book for memory sake. Polaroid Print Store app also features a few editing tools as well, where users can crop, add captions and personalize their photos a little more, so they’re not as plain or boring looking.

Ever wanted to have a white framed Polaroid picture hanging on your wall or just in your photo album, but didn’t actually have a Polaroid camera? Well with the new app called Polaroid Print Store, you can do just that.

1 - 36 of 2,239 polaroid canvas prints for sale

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 1-12 .85
13-99 .55
100+ .35

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“As the original pioneers of instant print photography, we understand how important physical, sharable memories are. With the new Polaroid Print Store app, we can help you bring memories to life in a unique way, so your special moments will last forever.”

The traditional Polaroid style prints may be printed from digital files, but they keep the look and feel of the original film versions, Polaroid says. The images have a thick laminate front, with the black back bearing an original barcode, and of course the photo in a glossy finish.