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Although Polaroid is most known for its line of film and cameras, the company does produce other products, including portable DVD players. These players allow you to watch movies on the go, no matter where you are. However, you can occasionally run into problems with the Polaroid portable DVD player, in which case you need to troubleshoot the issue if you want to continue watching your movies.

simply took his XBox 360 and plugged it into the video inputs of his Polaroid portable DVD player. Why pay extra for a special LCD that is only made to use with a certain console when you can use the DVD player with other devices and use it on its own.

Polaroid Portable DVD Player PDM-0714

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    My Polaroid Portable DVD Player just all of a sudden went out, all. No Picture, the DVD will not spin. Seams as if the device is not getting any power. I am using the adapter it came with and the adapter looks fine, the red light is on. But the Player...nothing. Anyone have an idea what might be causing this and if it's fixable ? Thanks !

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