Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology - Compatible w/iOS & Android Devices - White


PoGo Polaroid PoGo Instant Photo Printer

The paper used in the Polaroid PoGo is not your average glossy sheet. The PoGo uses a special that requires no ink cartridges. Much like the Polaroid cameras of old, all of the chemicals necessary to produce an image are inherent to the paper itself. This helps minimize the moving components in the printer (and likely helps keep the unit size so small) but also adds to the costs of the prints as you will have to continually buy the special ZINK paper refills. A 30-pack of paper can be had for about $9… a cost of about 30 cents per printed image. As an added bonus, you can peel off a thin sheet of paper from the back of the photo to reveal an adhesive surface, turning every image you print into a photographic sticker of sorts.

The printing process itself is fairly straightforward. For most cameras, you’ll only need your USB cable to use the PoGo. If your camera supports , it will instantly detect the printer upon connection. Pick the photo you want printed and the PoGo will spit out a tiny rendition of the image moments later. With a Bluetooth device, this process is even easier. Simply pair your notebook computer or cellphone with the printer and send an image to it wirelessly. A list of supported cellphones can be found .

Ultimately I have concluded that the Polaroid PoGo is more of a toy than a “serious printer”, but that’s ok. I have plenty of alternatives for printing high-quality images, but none of those options are as fun or as immediate as the PoGo. So, while this printer may be a toy, it is an exceptionally fun toy that is well worth the relatively low price of admission.

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Zink Paper with the Polaroid Pogo:

I really shouldn’t like the Polaroid PoGo printer. I can easily list off a number of problems with the device… small image size, average print quality and relatively expensive print media.

Peel-off, sticky back photo paper made with Zink Zero Ink printing technology from Zink Imaging for Polaroid Pogo Cameras and Printers is also a good present for inveterate photographers. Prints dry to touch borderless 2x3 color prints. You get smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-resistant photos.