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Polaroid 250 automatic land film camera pack including instuction manualwhat is offered here is a polaroid 250 automatic land film camera pack. Everything is in working order except for one end of the battery connection has fallen offthe polaroid land 250 camera is a professional model camera which gives high quality pictures. This polaroid automatic land camera has a zeiss ikon designed range finder, which is wide and provides exceptional accuracy.

You can mount this all-metal polaroid film camera on a tripod. The polaroid land 250 has a three element glass lens which has good optical properties and is resistant to scratches as well. This polaroid automatic land camera utilizes bellows for focusing which gives you closer focusing distance and more accurate focusing.

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  • Jason Powell says:

    The Polaroid Land 250 is the best automatic Polaroid Land Camera, in my opinion. The Zeiss Rangefinder is really great (especially if you get the earlier large window version) and you don’t have the now-useless development timer taking up space in the back (like the 350,360 and 450). Sure, the manual 180 and 195’s are better, but I’ve gotten so many good shots from my Land 250 I don’t really even care about the manual Polaroids anymore.

    When you get around to shooting that FP-100c, you may find that it’s too cool for your tastes (it is for me). Get some Roscoe warming gel material and simply tape it over your lens (or the Polaroid slip-on UV filter, which is what I did). Presto, perfect tones! I also use the orange slip-on cloud filter when shooting in B/W, which adds a ton of contrast to my FP-3000b shots.


    • Jim says:

      Jason, wow, thank you for all the excellent Automatic 250 advice! When I get around to shooting the FP-100C, I’ll look for a warming filter.


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    Nick: In my final year studying animation at SCAD, I found an old Polaroid Land 250 camera I had gotten in a garage sale and repaired it, found the film online and I was off. Suddenly enthralled with photography, I then quickly found my dad’s old Canon AE-1P and burnt through a bunch of film shooting everything I could. I soon realized the expense of film photography and bought a DSLR and used that for a couple of years but slowly grew somewhat bored of digital so I starting picking up my Polaroid and AE-1P more and soon moved to a almost fully analog workflow. Then after meeting a German filmmaker on my lunch break while freelancing in Manhattan, I immediately got hooked on Super 8 and wondered why I had never explored analog filmmaking before. Since then I’ve gone on trips abroad and stateside going pure analog with 35mm, Polaroids and Super 8 and it’s been amazing. Don’t regret leaving the DSLR at home at all.

    Nick: Gosh, I could probably talk about gear all day. On the photo side of things, I’ve been using two Polaroid Land 250 cameras I have repaired along with my diminishing supply of Fujifilm FP-100c and FP-3000b. The Land 250 camera is a really great camera with a sharp lens but given the rangefinder aspect of focusing along with the slow speed of 100 ISO for the color, and not to mention the inherent cost associated with instant film, it forces me to slow down a lot with my photos.