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Polaroid Barbie Pink Instant 600 Film Camera

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The Polaroid Barbie Instant Camera Barbie Instant Camera Barbie Stickers Take great photos with your Barbie Instant Camera. See your photos develop right before your eyes. Just load the film, point and shoot. It’s that easy! Also, check out the Barbie stickers...

What Film Can I Use How To Load Film Your Polaroid Barbie Instant Camera works with these films: Pull up the flash unit and snap it into place. Open the film door by pushing the blue film door button.

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Photographer David Levinthal’s exhibit Barbie!, a series of Polaroids with Barbie as subject, reopens this week at the Gering & López Gallery in New York City 10 years after the exhibit closed.

Variant names and designs included: Polaroid 600 Business Edition 2, Polaroid 636, Polaroid 636 Closeup, Polaroid 780, Polaroid 2000, Polaroid Barbie, Polaroid CoolCam, Polaroid Descartes, Polaroid Easy (636 Closeup), Polaroid Family, Polaroid Hello Kitty, Polaroid Jagermeister, Polaroid Job Pro 2, Polaroid Tomy Kodomo, Polaroid Legoland, Polaroid OneStep Close Up, Polaroid OneStep Flash, Polaroid OneStep Version II, Polaroid Popcam, Polaroid Spirit CL, Polaroid State Farm Insurance, Polaroid Street Photo Night Cam, Polaroid Tecate, Polaroid Zoe Cam