I' ve just bought a polaroid slr690 but I haven't received it yet.

Polaroid 690 SLR Instant Film Camera

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Polaroid 690 Black Slr Instant Print Camera Tested Excellent+ 1,083

Great condition, this Polaroid 690 is the big daddy of Polaroid cameras and the tool of choice for many of the biggest professional analog photographers working today. A robust design perfected from Edwin Land’s original folding design, it features a fantastic sonar autofocus system. Best of all, since it’s an you can accurately compose your image and even manually focus. You just get can’t better than this in the instant film world. Find the Polaroid.

I loaded my (recently acquired) 1963 Polaroid 100 Automatic Camera with a pack of Polaroid 690 film (actually re-boxed Fujifilm FP-100c! – read on), set up my shot and fired the shutter. Great shot!

Polaroid 690 Black Slr Instant Print Camera Tested Excellent 1,076

Polaroid 690 Black Slr Instant Print Camera Tested Excellent 1,072

my dad has one of them polaroid 690, i guess the weather’s been bad for it and thus when I inserted a pack of new impossible project film the darkslide ejected and the flash capacitor blew up… everything ELSE works fine, except the flash capacitor..

2 Press down on the viewfinder cap until both sides of the camera snap shut. Compatible Films Use Polaroid 600 or Type 779 color film with your Polaroid 690 SLR camera. Loading Film First, make sure you are using an instant film that is compatible with your 690 SLR Camera.