Using Polaroid 600 is so much fun.

Impossible PRD4514 Polaroid 600 and Instant Lab Film, Color


Polaroid Pronto 600 instant camera

Selecting cameras can be scary considering the innumerable alternatives out there. The Polaroid 600 and Zenit TTL are capable models for shutterbugs and photographers alike. The 600 turns heads with its...

Deciding between cameras is sometimes tricky for some people. There are so many alternatives to mull over and each model has its strengths and weaknesses. The Polaroid 600 and Nikon N8008 are solid performers...

- Impossible Instant Color Film for Polaroid 600-Type Cameras 2785

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Second, while Leica has always made high-end cameras, the Sofort is expensive. The Fujifilm Instax 70 is about $100, the Polaroid Pic-300 is about $70, and if you just want to have an instant camera, you can probably buy a used Polaroid 600 for a song. The Leica, however, costs nearly $300. That’s quite a bit for something that’s probably not going to be your main camera and just used for a little fun.

Comparison shopping for cameras can be tricky considering all the models available. The Polaroid 600 and Minox GT-E are both great for photographers and camera buffs alike. The 600 shines with its instant...