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Polaroid 545 4x5 Film Holder Orlando Camera Lot

The film, which produces a black & white negative and a positive print, is designed to be used on a 4×5 camera with a Polaroid 545 Land Film Holder.

Polaroid Type 55 (like all Type 50 series film) requires a Polaroid Model 545 Film Packet Back. This is mounted onto the back of a camera, usually a 4x5 inch type, in place of a conventional film carrier. A self-contained waterproof transparent sleeve containing positive and negative film sheets and a small reservoir of reagent gel is inserted into the Packet Back, an exposure made and the Packet Back is removed. By flipping a lever and withdrawing the sleeve the gel is squeezed between the negative and positive emulsion layers. After the set time the layers can be peeled apart. some gel is retained at the edges, creating positive and negative images.

Ex Polaroid 545 Instant Land Film Holder 4x5 Format

Brand: Polaroid
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
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Polaroid 545 Instant Film Back Holder For Polaroid 4x5 Land Camera

Polaroid produced the widest range of instant sheet and pack film, but discontinued all production in 2008, leaving Fujifilm as the only producer of instant film and backs. The Polaroid 545, the lighter and more modern 545i, and the 545 Pro backs were 4×5 inch instant sheet film holders that many photographers used. New55 Holdings, LLC started producing a black and white P/N film for the 545 and 545i backs. This new instant sheet film produces a black and white negative and a positive image. The older Polaroid 550 packfilm back can take Fuji FP-100C film (3.25x4.25 inches), which was the last product of this type and was discontinued in February 2016. Polaroid also produced 8×10 inch film holders and films. Polaroid produced 10-sheet 4×5 inch instant film packs and holders.

The FP-100c43 and FP-3000B45 film is a pack style film, unlike the single sheet film that fits in the Polaroid 545 holders. The correct holder for 4x5" pack film is the Polaroid 550 back and the Fuji PA-45 back. You can still purchase these Fuji backs brand new from Adorama or B&H.