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The best part is that the current Pentax KA mount is a variation of the original K mount that was introduced in 1975. There are more than 40 years’ worth of K-mount lenses and the majority of these lenses can still be mounted on the Pentax K70, although some will limit the use of some camera features. The result is that there are thousands of used lenses available, many at great prices, meaning that you can add quality glass to the front of your camera for a very reasonable price. So there are fantastic Pentax lenses, third-party lenses and 30 years of legacy lenses that will work with the Pentax K70.

There are some fantastic Pentax KA mount lenses which can be used with the K70, not least the limited range of fixed focal length lenses. In addition most major third-party manufacturers produce Pentax KA mount lenses. So if you want a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens, you don’t have to buy a Canon or Nikon – it’s also available in Pentax KA mount.

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Review: Fotasy PK-NEX Pentax K Mount to Sony E Mount Adapter

Your AE-1 Program uses the FD mount, which is different than the Pentax K mount. The FD mount, however, has a much shirter register distance, which is the distance from the lens mount to the film plane, so thus adapters are not possible. However, if you are sure your lenses are T mount (t mount is just a screw mount) with a FD adapter, then T mount to Pentax K mount adapters are availble. In my opinion, however, the AE-1 Program is a better camera than the Pentax K1000, so why do you want to use that camera instead? Just my thoughts.

This T-Mount allows you to attach your Pentax K Mount DSLR /SLR camera to lenses, telescopes, microscopes, enlargers, and bellows attachments that have T-Mount threa