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Pentax PENTAX Q-S1 02 Zoom Kit (Pure White) 12.4MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Pure White)


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Because development has not been tied to legacy systems that are built around 35mm film, sensor sizes vary. Pentax builds mirrorless cameras like the with 1/1.7-inch image sensors, the same size as you'll find in better . The Nikon 1 system use 1-inch image sensors, which are a bit larger, but still pretty small when compared with sensors that you'll find in DSLRs.

perhaps no one here has heard of or seen the pentax 110, possibly the best miniature camera series ever made. that’s what this is styled after (and also what the point-and-shoot version of this camera is styled after). this is the first pentax mirrorless camera I’ve actually kind of enjoyed looking at. but honestly they’re all a little weird.

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Pentax Q Mirrorless Camera Review

If you like to record video, the a5100 supports XAVC S codec, which allows for 1080p video at 60- or 24-fps video at a 50Mbps bit rate. For those of us that aren’t videographers, that means you can record very high-quality videos, better quality than most DSLRs and even better than the Sony a6000. You can also simultaneously record a smaller, more shareable MPEG-4 version for instant social media posting while you wait to edit your larger video files at home. As , “There are no other inexpensive mirrorless cameras at this time that can record 1080p video at 50Mbps, and the tools that Sony has provided (focus peaking, zebra, uncompressed output over HDMI) are an added bonus.”

The 2016 Photokina show starts next week and so far I have not heard any Ricoh/Pentax rumors. Today I received this anonymous tip from a reader about a new Pentax vintage mirrorless camera: