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Pentax K-30: Digital Photography Review

Rumours are loose on the Internet about what will be the next generation of digital SLR photo cameras at Pentax. Even more, after some leaks organized by Pentax, it seems possible that the Pentax K30D will be a Full Frame camera, rushing to compete directly with the latest pro offers from Canon, Nikon and Sony. If we can judge from the previous products from Pentax, like the Pentax K20D, its price could be quite competitive and Samsung should integrate it into its own camera range.

If the name of the future successor of the Pentax K20D or Samsung GX-20 is not confirmed yet, everything leads us to think that it will stay as Pentax K30D and Samsung GX-30 and we will keep these names for the time being. Nevertheless, contrary to the hopes of many a pentaxian, Mr Kim is very clear on th fact that the sensor will stay in the APS-C form factor. No Full Frame for the Pentax K30D.

Pentax K20D Review: Digital Photography Review

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  • Published Jun 25, 2008 | Richard Butler

    Furthermore, I think that despite what Mr Kim says, the video mode -even with its limitations- will be introduced in such a camera. Digital viewfinders already include the video capability; So, why not go a step further. 2009 being the year when video-capable SLR cameras seriously hit the shelves and Samsung already having the technology included in some of its digital compact PnS cameras, I think that they will have no choice here. The marketing pressure will be very high on the engineers in charge of the design of the Samsung GX-30 / Pentax K30D.

    A new rumor is surfacing regarding a follow up to the . A Chinese forum, , reveals some specs for what could be the next Pentax DSLR. The initial rumored specs for the Pentax K30D are as follows: