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Pentax K1000 Camera with 50mm (f/2.0) Lens


Compatible with all PENTAX DSLR cameras

Leica is a German camera brand which creates top of the range cameras and one of the most expensive cameras. The Leica S2-P offers an extraordinary 37.5 megapixels that’re well over efficient at taking high-resolution images. Although it does not possess the greatest megapixels, it’s the 1st camera in this list which is water resistant. Even though that does not look all of that spectacular, to be water resistant enables the photographer the capability to capture photos even when it begins to rain enabling to get more exclusive photographs. Its water resistant shell is created from a good solid material which provides for outdoors usage during all kinds of climate from intense heat to excessive rain. Leica S2-P also comes with an awesome battery timing enabling for 1000 frames, or images, all through the single charge.

Pentax announced three new cameras to their lineup. Each new addition to the Pentax digital camera family has traits similar to their predecessors and offers refinements that will satisfy the upper entry-level photo market. A pair of new DSLRs, the and K-50, lead Pentax’s most recent wave of new products; their announcement also included the Q7 Mirrorless Digital Camera, a sensor-updated version of the popular Q10 Mirrorless Digital Camera

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    Being a medium format digital camera, the Pentax 645D can provide an image quality of 40 megapixel and extremely high resolution photographs even for very large print shapes and sizes and listed among the most expensive cameras in the world. It comes with a CCD sensor of 44 x 33 mm that features a high-resolution of 7265 x 5440, therefore making it possible for tremendous versatility anytime cropping a picture. It comes with an 11 point autofocus mechanism as well as an ISO cover anything from 100 to 1600. The viewfinder it features is manufactured from glass and incorporates a quadrilateral pentaprism along with standardized focusing monitors, hence generating a 98 % field of view for precise framing uses.

    There is a little window with orange lines on the back under the film wind lever. These lines dance as you wind the film. No big deal, I always look at the rewind crank to be sure it turns as I advance the film. If neither of these move as you wind the lever, that means you goofed and the film isn't advancing. Open the camera and try again.