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Pentax 645D 40MP Medium Format Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD Screen (Body Only)


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Pentax introduced the world's first multi-mode medium format film camera in 1984 - the Pentax 645. In 1997, the manufacturer unveiled the Pentax 645N, which was the world's first medium-format camera with a high-precision autofocus system at that time. The latest version, the Pentax 645 medium format camera will offer a new digital dimension for medium format photographers. The Pentax 645 Digital medium format camera offers professional-quality digital image reproduction with 18 effective megapixels, a Kodak-developed extra-large CCD image sensor with 18.6 total megapixels (tentative), a Pentax-original 645AF lens mount, the 645 Digital will maintain compatibility with existing smc Pentax 645 interchangeable lenses.

The Pentax 645 Digital will come next year. It is not only for sale in Japan but will be marketed world-wide. It's target price is below $10.000.
It will have more than 31mp; very likely quite a bit more....

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   Pentax 645 digital medium format
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iXBT Labs - Pentax 645 Digital: meet the 18.6-megapixel sensor

released more details on several of their products today. First up is the Pentax 645 Digital. It was first previewed in 2007, but now we’re finally getting closer to a release, it seems. This camera is a monster with 30-megapixels! It is also expected to handle film-based 645 lenses, have a full-view eyepiece and more.

August 2007 – Hoya officially acquires half of Pentax’s shares. Canon rival launches 21.1 MP CMOS EOS-1Ds Mark III digital SLR for under $8000. Rumors spread that the Pentax 645 Digital developments are halted due to competition and merger with Hoya. Pentax has no comment.