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Panasonic KX-TGP550 SIP DECT Phone


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The model is the largest PBX currently offered in the Panasonic VoIP lineup. The main unit offers 10 free slots but is able to accept up to three additional expansion shelves -- each shelf supporting up to 11 free slots -- for a total of 43 slots. The KX-TDE600 can support up to 1,152 extensions and 640 trunks, of which 64 can be SIP trunks.

All KX-TDE models natively support IP and SIP phones, allowing businesses to register Panasonic IP phones or even third-party SIP phones, called SIP extensions. However, Panasonic VoIP phones are not compatible with other SIP-based IP PBXs. Depending on the number of SIP extensions, businesses should ensure the appropriate number of licenses and hardware digital signal processors are purchased and installed into the IP PBX.

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Learn more about the or the for your business, or read about how actual Vonage clients have used Panasonic VoIP solutions to operate their business.

The Panasonic VoIP system can also record voice messages 24 hours a day. Businesses looking for advanced voicemail and features will need to consider the voice processing system.