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"It would be sad to see such fine displays end production," said Joel Silver, founder of the Imaging Science Foundation, about Panasonic plasma TVs. Silver trains TV calibrators and consults with manufactures to improve the image quality and usability of their TVs. And his choice model for training sessions is a plasma TV from Panasonic's ZT line.

Oh, man… I hope my 2 Panasonic plasma TVs hold on until OLED prices come down. Fortunately, my 3-year-old 54″ Panny plasma still looks terrific!

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    Panasonic plasma TVs are high-quality models with great image clarity and a lot of extra features. Like many other plasma TVs, however, they can be complicated, which means that a mundane problem may appear to be a serious issue at first. Before contacting a repairman, conduct a little basic troubleshooting with your Panasonic plasma TV. You may be able to correct the problem with very little effort.

    All TVs generally ship to the store and to customers' homes with a "Standard" picture mode that is far from ideal. In the old days, the brightness and contrast used to be cranked so as to make the set look good on a showroom floor but not so good in the subdued lighting of the home. In newer sets, particularly newer Panasonic plasma TVs, standard mode is set up to use the least amount of electricity. This is done in order to meet Energy Star power consumption guidelines. The result is a dull, lifeless picture in "Standard" mode.