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Panasonic sent me the KXPRD262 to play with and it’s a pretty neat phone. It’s also one of the company’s line that includes their proprietary Smartphone Connect feature which, after you install and configure the Smartphone Connect application (available where you usually get your apps), will even make the smartphone and/or tablet work as an extra handset (which can prove handy) as well as letting you transfer calls to a different smartphone/tablet device (as long as it’s within range of your Wi-Fi). And get this, once the call is transferred to the other device, the main landline is then freed up for other calls! What I found more convenient, however, was the Link2Cell feature, which lets you make and receive mobile phone calls via the Panasonic DECT system. To each his/her/its own.

The new premium quality range of Panasonic Cordless DECT phones introduces the Panasonic KX-TG 6712. This sleek, ultra-modern home phone has an attractive handset featuring a well proportioned amber-illuminated keypad with comfortable buttons for easy use, ringer LED, and large 1.8 inch LCD back lit display screen. The ergonomic base station reflects the curves of the handset and gives the KX-TG 6712 a highly integrated and unified appearance.

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    The tedious-to-scroll interface is really my only complaint about this phone, however, and it could be corrected easily if Panasonic were to put the same type of touch-sensitive display on it that your smart phone has, letting you scroll with your finger rather than the dinky little cursor control button on the Panasonic’s handset. And wouldn’t you know, Panasonic makes such a phone as well, the $250 KX-PRX120, which appears to be more like a smart phone than a standard land line phone. It scrimps on other features you find on the PRL262, however - it won’t interact with your smart phone, for example - proving once again that you can never please everyone.
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    The KX-TCA385 is a rugged DECT handset that is ergonomically designed, easy to use, extremely durable and cost effective. Panasonic DECT phones operate on 1.9 GHz frequency, an interference-free band dedicated for voice only.