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Panasonic MC-CG917 "OptiFlow" Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Corded

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Not only is the MC-CL935 the first bagless canister vacuum in Panasonic's Jet Force lineup, it's the first Panasonic bagless canister vacuum, period. Given the popularity of Panasonic's uprights and Kenmore-branded bagged canisters, we're very excited to see just how well it does.

I wasn't able to find the manual for the Kenmore model, however I did find the instruction manual for the corresponding Panasonic canister vacuum cleaner. Your particular Kenmore model is actually made by Panasonic for Sears, and then Sears puts the Kenmore name on the vacuum cleaner. They are identical internally, and have the same parts and components, besides the filter that is behind the bag. Sears makes Panasonic put a specially designed filter in the Kenmore's so that the customer has to go back and purchase that filter from Sears.

Panasonic Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • MC-CG917 Panasonic Canister Vacuum with OptiFlow Technology
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    The Panasonic Canister Vacuum is easy to work with and even helps you get rid of all the prejudicial stuff that may harm and bring breathing problems so, sounds great. But let’s talk about the specifics.

    All the descriptions in the previous paragraph will help you conclude that it makes it the perfect vacuum for the typical household, but if you have pets, it might be the best. The Panasonic Canister Vacuum comes with a pet turbine brush that will help you remove pet hair from different surfaces, either carpets or upholstery.