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I find the Olympus SP700 simply fantastic! User-friendly, and a good buy for a first-time buyer like me. Very fast start-up and shutdown. Don't have anything to complain for now. But indeed, the menu function lacks attitude. But anyway, it Rocks!

The Olympus SP-700 is introduced today. The Olympus SP700 is a 6 megapixel digital camera with a large 3 inch LCD screen and 3x optical zoom lens. The SP700 offers a Compare and Shoot function that enables users to check and compare results before re-shooting or adjusting settings. The Olympus SP-700 will be available in time for Christmas 2005.

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Dennis Hissink : 1 augustus 2006 - 00:00 CET

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This is a great little cam. We will take the Olympus SP700 digital camera with us on a trip to Walt Disney World and a cruise. I have used every mode on this camera, even underwater in an aqua pack. I did pick up a few extra batteries that you can find on the net for under $1. The only wish I have is they update the software to let you choose the compression.

It sounds like Pap Zoltan purchased a lemon, as the Olympus SP700 camera my wife owns is a little beauty. Images are as sharp as a tack, easy to use menu, a great 3" monitor, good battery life, etc. What more do you want from a $300 compact? Perhaps the only point I'd agree with him on is the tendency for the shutter to be a little slow at reacting, but this is shared by many compact digital models. Great value!