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The Nikon Sb600 is more than enough and has the features that most photographers need, the Nikon SB 800 and 900 are overkill flashes. They have features that 98% of photographers wont use any way except the commander mode, however most Nikon DSLR’s have a commander mode built into them anyway so that feature is irrelevant. Save your money and buy the SB600, or if you been convinced by commercials and advertising go with the Sb800 or Sb 900.

Hi there! Ive been swatting up on flash photography, primarily using my flash (Nikon SB600) in both manual and TTL modes – off camera (in commander mode). To set the commander mode there is a ‘Z shaped arrow’ symbol. When I set to this mode, the speed light automatically changes to manual – BUT I want to shoot off camera (in commander mode) in TTL. Am I missing something? Thanks

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I am using Nikon SB600 speedlight in manual mode (with my Nikon D90) and shooting at F2.8 anything above 1/200 I am getting a black curtain covering half of the shot, gets wider as I go up in exposure. This is probably something basic and silly that I am missing? D90 is set to Manual mode with Auto FP on and highest available flash shutter speed available which is 1/60. I tried several curtain settings which all produce the same issue (rear, front and 2 others curtain sync modes available).
Could anyone kindly shed some light on what is happening other than me being blonde (already known)? :-)

This high quality flash diffuser has been designed for the Nikon SB600 flash. It can be easily and securely placed ionto the flash gun's head. It's a very useful accessory if you to improve your macro shots or if you want to make portraits. The Eyelead flash diffuser for Nikon SB600 flash will reduce the reflections that often appear when using a flash, as well as spread the light evenly over the entire photo.