Hornet Macro Photographed with a Nikon Macro Lens

Nikon AF-S DX Micro-NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G Fixed Zoom Lens with Auto Focus for Nikon DSLR Cameras


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UV lens filters aren't expensive and there is one to fit all Nikon macro lenses and I suggest heading over to Amazon where there are always deals to be had.

I think the little 40 f/2.8 is not getting the respect it deserves today because of a short working distance at maximum macro distances. It's true but remember, for over 30 years since Nikon invented close range correction and macro lenses in the 1960s most macro lenses we used were 55mm on full frame film cameras. This new 40 f/2.8 has the field of view of a 60mm lens on your camera, so you should have no problems at all. Besides, people in real life rarely use a macro lens at 1:! lifesize (maximum macro) anyway. They are generally shooting a flower or a bee on a flower and such. In fact early Nikon macro lenses were 1:2 or half lifesize and were fine. You had to add and extension tube which came with it to get lifesize in many cases.

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Nikon macro lenses are expensive and you want to protect your investment, right? The front element of a macro lens is fragile and if this is damaged you may as well throw the lens away. One of the best pieces of kit you can buy to protect the front element of the lens is a UV lens filter, which is simply a piece of glass that is screwed in to the end of the macro lens.

Close-up photographers can really benefit from the CX-format Nikon 1 sensors. The added magnification and greater working distance can be a great help for this style of photography. Of course, be prepared to use a tripod and focus the lens manually, as even slight changes in subject distance will throw your subject out of focus. There are lots of great Nikon macro lenses out there that you can use with the FT1 adapter, including: