Detta batteri passar till Kodak EasyShare Z730, 3.6V (3.7V), 1700 mAh

Kodak Easyshare Z730 5 MP Digital Camera with 4xOptical Zoom


Kodak EasyShare Z730 zoom digital camera

For those who want to go beyond point-and-shoot, the Kodak Z730 features full exposure flexibility, as well as easy-to-use Scene Modes that automate most of the common picture-taking situations. Movies are captured at 640x480 VGA resolution at 12fps.

The Kodak Z730 takes a lithium ion battery. The battery is said to last up to 350 shots. The battery life is excellent. My mother has been using this camera for 5 months and still has never had a battery die on her during use. I did, however, purchase two extra batteries for her when I bought the camera. On a dolphin watching trip I once went through 2 1/2 lithium ion batteries on my old Kodak (It was a case of extreme picture taking, 2 1/2 hours of near constant clicking and video). Just in case, I made sure Mom had extras too. The down side to having lithium ion is that if your battery dies and you don't have time to charge it, you can't just run to the nearest drug store and pick up a pack of Duracell batteries. The batteries are cheap enough to have an extra on hand; only $29.99 as opposed to all other lithium batteries I've seen for other brands starting at $39.99 (Canon battery replacements, generic brand Digipower) to $89.99 (Sony batteries) at major retail stores. The batteries usually only lose 10-15% of their charge after 2 months of storage in a camera bag so its easy to keep an extra on hand.

Kodak EasyShare Z730: Digital Photography Review

Package Contents
KODAK EASYSHARE Z730 Zoom Digital Camera
KODAK EASYSHARE Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (1050 mAh)
KODAK EASYSHARE Li-Ion Rapid Battery Charger Kit
Audio/video and USB cables
Wrist strap
Getting Started Kit (with KODAK EASYSHARE Software)
Custom camera insert for optional KODAK EASYSHARE Camera and Printer Docks

Kodak EasyShare Z730 zoom digital camera — User's guide

For those who like to take night photography, the Kodak Z730 shutter speed goes to a long 64 sec. in Manual mode. The Kodak Z730 claims that by using dual-sensing technologies, its high-speed, low-light, auto-focus system precisely fine tunes and sharply defines subjects in both low-light and bright light situations. Continuous auto-focus provides quick 0.3 seconds click-to-capture time.

The Kodak EasyShare Z730 will appeal to beginner and serious amateur photographers who desire a full-featured and easy-to-use digital camera.