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Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution, 16oz


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Dieses Netzmittel arbeitet höchst effizient, verhindert Fleckenbildung auf Filmstreifen und beschleunigt die Trocknung erheblich. Durch die Verkürzung der Trocknungszeit wird die Aufnahme von Fusseln wirksam reduziert.
Kodak Photo Flo kann sogar unter kalter Umlufttrocknung eingesetzt werden.

LegacyPro black and white processing chemicals have been developed with the same or similar formulations as Kodak chemicals!

LegacyPro 200 is a wetting agent equivalent to Kodak Photo Flo 200. A wetting agent will decreases water-surface tension and minimizes water marks and streaks on film to promote faster and more uniform drying.

Kodak 1464510 Photo-Flo 200 Wetting Agent 16oz, Bottle

  • A few drops of photographic wetting agent. … just a drop of washing up liquid as a wetting agent ….. 10 drops Photo-Flo + 10 drops “Direct” tile cleaner ….. a teaspoon of car washer fluid ….. 7-8 drops dishwashing detergent without additives ….. 1 drop Triton X-114 or Monolan 2000 ….. 10 drops of Kodak Photo-Flo and 10 drops of Lysol Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner….Dawn Dishwashing Fluid,…. few drops of dish washing soap without lubricants. …..3-4 drops per gallon Kodak Photoflo …..a few drops of Ilfotrol (sic) photographic wetting agent.
  • Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution, 16oz

    I was in the market for Kodak Photo Flo to use in a formula for a lens cleaning solution. Not all sellers were willing to ship but required in store pick up. Adorama put no such restrictions on the product and I received it in about a week. I will continue to be a loyal customer of theirs.

    That is all the caution which I can imagine. but I came here because I saw a blog about how to clean a camera focusing screen using distilled water, some drops of Kodak Photo flo, placed in a small 35mm film recipient (Sorry, I forgot the word in English) placed 1-2 min in an ultrasonic bath, the cheap one at 40kHz.
    With the words I used to find Photo flo formula, I came here, having some empathy with all the music lovers in this forum, I hope this comment helps you, I hope that you can enjoy your records, but do not try to get the digital recording cleanness, don’t risk to spoil your records, trying to clean little scratches, those are part of such technology, They are audible, but unperceptive while enjoining the music.