Kodak Disposable Camera with Power flash

Disposable Kodak Camera [Camera] 3Pack


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Custom Disposable Camera Tank From the amazing PHU comes a unique TANK disposable camera stand. Disposable cameras are a great way to capture those fun moments without the need to carry a bulky camera. So why not display your Kodak disposable in style? Make a statement with this one-of-a-kind Tank on your desk today. Created from found objects, fibre board, model parts and other recycled items. Will fit the Kodak disposable camera.

Times have changed in many ways since my first experience with photography. In fact, my earliest memories with camera in hand involve Kodak disposable cameras and a few other inexpensive 35mm film cameras that were readily available throughout the nineties. As a child, I would tag along with my uncle as he filmed various off road races throughout the US Southwest and Mexico, bringing home with me rolls of film and spent disposable cameras. I particularly remember the excitement that would build while waiting for the images to be developed, and bothering my mother to pick them up from the local drug store - a process that's now obsolete in many ways.

Group 7 - Kodak Disposable Camera - GICL Wiki

Item Unit $ Units Total $
Kodak disposable camera $65.99 1 $65.99
Film development $12.00 10 $120.00
Total     $185.99

Group 7 - Kodak Disposable Camera

Unit sales of Kodak disposable cameras fell 6.9 percent, compared with a gain of 1.9 percent for competitor Fuji Photo Film Co. and a 6.4 percent increase in private-label brands, Whitmore said in a report, citing data from Information Resources Inc., a market data company. IRI confirmed it was the first drop ever for Kodak.