So… who are the Gods of Olympus? You’re about to find out…

Gods of Olympus


Gods of Olympus - Gods and their special powers

In Gods of Olympus, you have full battle control of multiple gods in battle. Each God and Goddess have their own unique special powers.

The gods of Olympus were strong, but not particularly good. They were a quarrelsome family, and many stories were told of their pranks and evil deeds. But as time went on the Greeks did come to think that their gods were guardians of the good life. They rewarded the good and punished the wicked. Apollo and Athena in particular were thought to encourage good living: Apollo by moral advice through

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Command the gods of Olympus as they battle through ancient Greece against fortified cities and hundreds of combat units. Control every second of the action as the gods rampage through the cities of your enemies. Build a mighty empire worthy of the gods.

Edge of the Aegean is a new standalone card game for two players set in the Omen world created by Small Box Games. Set in Ancient Greece, players fight for control of cities using a mixture of conventional warriors, monsters, and blessings from the Gods of Olympus. While Edge of the Aegean is a standalone game, it reuses many of the core mechanics from the previous Omen sets, and is even fully compatible with them. You can buy the complete game for $15, or $10 if you only care about adding the new cards to your existing collection.