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1 Built-in Wi-Fi is not included in all Canon digital compact cameras.
2 While compatible with both iOS and Android systems, performance cannot be guaranteed for all models.

Have you ever wanted to capture the breathtaking beauty of a starry sky? Doing so, however, usually requires an interchangeable-lens digital camera and complicated manual settings. Select Canon digital compact camera,* however, offer dedicated star shooting modes that let users easily capture beautiful images of the night sky.
Capturing the subtle beauty of stars at night is made possible through Canon's high-sensitivity HS System. One of the star shooting modes makes possible the capture of star trails by merging multiple continuously shot images into a single image, while another mode lets users create time-lapse movies showing stars moving across the sky.

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It is heard that Canon is set to release a Canon Compact System Camera late August market and based in the Four Thirds Sensor of the Canon Mirrorless Camera G1X that has a fixed lens set, not interchangeable. Although the has not yet entered market or any of it specs have been provided it is quite likely that offer will be serious and on pair or a touch above current compact system cameras offerings. But we are going to have a look at all the latest Canon Compact System Camera rumors.

By looking at the has two options at hands: They can either chose the Four Thirds format for their Canon Compact System Camera as they already did with the Canon G1X or they can go the full frame approach as found in the Leica M9. Both have advantages and disadvantages though. If they go the four thirds route they are able to make lens that are not big even in the telephoto range but sensor will always have a bit of less dynamic range. If they go the full frame route they will have problems producing small sized lens for their new Canon Compact System Camera system.